The Future I Wanted

Speaking of Kindles, Warren Ellis and I use the same mobile devices, so that’s pretty cool. This is a fun little rundown of what the tech-obsessed writer and scary uncle of nerds everywhere uses in his daily routine. Of note is this little insight into the beauty of the device.

I have a Kindle 3, the wifi-only version. I am very fond of my Kindle, and here’s one reason why. Reading a Sunday newspaper magazine, discovering a writer I’d never heard of who sounded very interesting, quick scan of the Kindle store on my phone discovers his autobiography, the large free sample downloads in seconds. I’m still at the table reading the magazine and flicking through the sample. I haven’t finished my beer and I’ve bought the book, which is loaded onto the Kindle, which is in the other room waiting for me to come and sit down as soon as I’ve finished my beer at the table. That’s the future I wanted.

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