He Would Have Laughed

The final song on Deerhunter’s “Halcyon Digest” is haunting me. The poltergeist arrived almost the exact same way Microcastle’s “Nothing Ever Happened” did about a year ago. That is, like walking down the street one day and suddenly, vividly remembering a dream.

Deerhunter – He Would Have Laughed:

Or to put a literal, less-Pitchfork point to it, it’s listening to music consistently for weeks, then suddenly and unexpectedly realizing that it contains one of the best songs you’ve ever heard. With either song, I distinctly remember hitting a point in the track where I jumped out of my seat to look at the song and then couldn’t stop listening.

Deerhunter – Nothing Ever Happened:

It’s the kind of music that doesn’t put its cards on the table right away. You might find an entirely new song four minutes into a song you’ve heard a hundred times. Which isn’t to say that it’s inaccessible; Microcastle and Halcyon Digest (the two records I’m familiar with) are loaded with hooks. But some of the best moments in Deerhunter songs pop up after morphing from something else. And then you never want the song to stop playing, except for the fact that there might be another astonishing moment in another track you’ve already heard a hundred times.

Helicopter and He Would Have Laughed Live

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3 Responses to He Would Have Laughed

  1. Catfish Vegas says:

    I challenge you to make 10 substantive blog posts in March….

  2. mrchair says:

    I’d say that’s mathematically impossible. But define substantive.

  3. Catfish Vegas says:

    This one counts. An unintentional beat poetry one wouldn’t.

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