Guest blogger … My Mom!

So my mom CC’d me on a letter she sent to the paper she’s had delivered since I was a kid, and that I reported for a few years ago. She fancies herself a journalist in her own right, or at least an active participant in the fourth estate. Mom has always written LTE’s, and called reporters to volunteer herself as a source for articles, or recommend story ideas. The Tribune laid off 40 percent of its staff, ended home delivery and cut publication to four days a week recently.

So anyway, the day after Google pulled the plug on its print ad project, the Minneapolis Star-Tribune filed bankruptcy, and there’s a general sense of death rattle in print media, I thought this a tender, personal illustration of why it’s so fucking sad (and yes, she writes emails in green):

RE: A sad day

This is the last day that I will get up in the morning, walk out to my driveway and pick up my morning paper. Coffee is already brewing, preparing for my little piece of calm and quiet before my day begins. I sit down to read my Tribune. I catch up on the world, the city, the weather, how my teams did. Check out places to go, what’s on TV tonight,laugh at the comics and columnists and opinions (sometimes the serious ones) and always check the ads for deals.

There are some days when I do not have this luxury in the morning, but there it is on my coffee table. I pick it up periodically during the day, especially when my 18 year old is watching reruns of Pokemon.
Then there are always those doctor appointments. I am not a patient “waiter” but my trusty Trib is always in the back seat to fill the time when I need it.

I work in front of a computer everyday. Just not the same feeling to read the paper sitting in front of it too.
I’ve never subscribed to the Republic and never will. I will drive or walk to the corner to get my copy of the Trib every Wed, Fri, Sat and Sunday.

I will really miss mornings like this. I hope my delivery person was offered another job. I hate to think of so many people being without work.

Just wanted you to know.
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