A series of things that bring me joy:

Twitter — The concept is elegantly simple, and thus leaves endless avenues to improvise. Hard to describe in an appealing way until you’ve dug in and found how many potential uses, amusements it offers. If you have any interest in social networking, Twitter is hands-down the best game in town right now. Also pursue open source add-ons, like TweetDeck, TwitScoop, TwitterFox, and so on. I’m here.

Pet Society on Facebook — This is arguably the lamest internet-based fad I’ve obsessed over since the AOL game “Squelchies.” No, fuck that. This is way lamer. I have a pet thingy that dances and laughs and changes clothes and plays ball. His name is scraps and he lives in a house with a couch and TV.

Blind Pilot, Three Rounds and a Sound

I Like to Rearrange the Letters in the Name of my Neighborhood Bar, Gabor’s — a Facebook group I founded that dwells on exactly what you might think.

Jamie’s use of the word hobag — for example, while listening to the Obama inauguration concert:
Me: This is lame. Really lame. Who the hell planned this?
Jamie: I don’t know. Some hobag.

Netflix instant viewing for Mac — When I first realized this had become available, I watched, I believe, 7 episodes of The Office in a row. Stay away from CSI. It’s like running on cement near the pool.

Monitor Mix — Carrie Brownstein, of the now-defunct Sleater-Kinney, has a blog on the All Songs Considered website. It’s called Monitor Mix, and it’s a pleasant blend of nostalgia, humor and obscure new music picks. Check it out.

A dish wand

The Fart Party — Julia Wertz’s autobiographical comic about her life of drinking, swearing and eating cheese.

Bamboo kitchen tools — stirring spoon, spatula, cutting boards. Lightweight, non-absorbent. Doesn’t warp or split. Fun fact from the label: bamboo is not a tree but a grass, and therefore a quick-growing and renewable resource.

Trailer Park Boys — Must be seen to be appreciated.

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