A holiday wish from LoDo Denver

There’s this fat bald guy who works next door to my office, who is just a mean, greedy son of a bitch. But nonetheless, he amuses us, with his douche-y mustache and framed photo of George Bush on his desk.

I was walking out of the office, and this guy was standing on the curb bellowing to another guy across the street, as though he had just slept with his wife or something. I’m not up on sports, so forgive me if I get the details wrong, but it basically went:

“The Pistons are fucking done! Done! Allen Iverson is shit!”
“Well you just wait until the Lions are back.”
“The Lions are shit. They’ll be shit for the next five years. Fuck your Lions. Happy fucking Holidays.”

And then they both walked off.

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2 Responses to

  1. Yo-Rissa says:

    Yea, this guy sounds like a real douche. Everyone knows Detroit is amazing…regardless of any “statistics.”

  2. Anonymous says:

    There’s nothing merrier than some well deserved Detroit bashing. Your sports facts were spot on.

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