Cory and Shannon make it official

God, this has taken so long to post. I’m a bad blogger. My apologies to my 6 or so adoring fans. Anyway, here are the photos from Cory’s wedding. Immediately after the events of the previous post, the following occurred. Swede, Tim, Jamie and I took Swede’s bucket of rusty bolts, deathtrap of a car to the Valley of the Sun for more celebration.

The ‘rehearsal dinner’ in Cory’s mom’s backyard. In which barbecue was eaten, pictures were taken and people got drunk in the company of their elders.

Tim and Zack have a raucous moment:

More folks from out of town. Ande and Ryan made it, as did Sara and Jason, who used to live in Denver when Cory was here. I’ve been referred to as “new Jason.”

Swede and Jason. This is Swedlund’s face he likes to make when I take a picture of him. I don’t know why. I call it his Metallica face, because he looks like James Hetfield when he does it.

The next day, preparing for the wedding. Cory looked very dapper. We drank Jameson and Scotch.

Swedlund, always wary of surrounding media, strikes a classic Groomsman/Groom pose:

Cory and Zack drifted into a smartphone video game session right before the wedding. Understandable, it had been a greuling few days, and we all need a little buttonpushy from time to time.

I adore this picture, taken in a school bus on the way to the wedding. But to be fair, if Sarah wants it yanked, I will understand.

My foxy date. Jamie is endlessly cute in pretty much all scenarios, but this was the first I had seen her in formal attire. Adorable.

Cory and Doug entertained on the school bus ride. Always the level head, even in the minutes before his nuptuals (fake nuptuals as they may be).

I love this picture. For one, it’s a real time portrayal of the first time I had seen Dave and Jen in years. But it also has this great swanky Rat Pack feel. ‘Hey Swede’s rolling up, and look who he got in tow.”

Another nice one. Jamie and Tim, with Jessica in the background. I have to give Jamie a great credit here. For five or six days, I towed her around with a small pack of my friends. Through hangovers and meet and greets and never ending transit. All this on her first introduction to my friends and home. She was a champ.

Zack, Labn and Jess did some juggling routines after the wedding. Yeah, with fire.

Cory and his dad have a moment. Kind of makes me tear up a little. The ceremony and reception very nice and as warm and disarming as the people involved. Mariachi band, outdoors, Sam made an unforgettable toast.

The following all occurred on the dancefloor after many drinks. If my tailor Mustapha knew that I did a backspin in my new suit, he would be so disappointed.

This is Jamie’s signature dance move. Pushing it out. Yeah.

And finally, somehow it became tradition for the ‘seemingly jovial’ man in the background to take off his shirt at weddings. We all enjoyed it.

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  1. Catfish Vegas says:

    God bless Jackson Phinneas Napes for his dedication to tradition!

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