Calexico in Denver

I didn’t see Denver on Calexico’s list of tour dates, and I had resigned to the fact that it would be the first year in many that I would not watch my favorite band play a show. So I was pretty sad when Jamie pointed out in the Onion AV Club that they had played the night before in Boulder.

This happens a lot actually. Some bands just don’t come to Denver. Boulder has something of a music scene, moreso than Denver. I hesitate to say a good music scene, because the large majority of its shows are unenjoyable to anyone who doesn’t have enough chemicals in his bloodstream to make even a college freshman raise a concerned eyebrow.

Buuuuuut, then Jamie also pointed out that they would be playing an intimate show at Twist and Shout, a great music store down Colfax, in just a few hours. And the result was this fun little show. No Convertino, but Joey Burns and even Nick Luca playing some rocking solos on this ancient guitar.

It felt great, like home. Like getting a call from an old dear friend who will just happen to be in town long enough to have lunch catch up, give you a hug and tell you he looks forward to your next interaaction. Short set, about an hour. They played to a room of about 50, and at the risk of judging people by appearance, these were good people. A hispanic family, a handful of middle age couples. A bunch of 30-somethings, scruffy-looking in t-shirts and sandals. There was a guy in a Club Congress shirt and I wanted to give him a hug and cry.

And everyone was so happy to be five feet from this group of musicians. Helping them decide what songs to play, bantering about the virtues of Jane’s addiction and guacamole. Their plans for the rest of the stay in Colorado.

On a Saturday afternoon, drinking a cup of coffee and in broad daylight, one of my favorite concerts. It just felt like home. Now I just have to hope the Hold Steady decide to drop in town for an unannounced concert in the park.

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