Hoax revealed

So in my attempt to create a hyberbolic goodbye to Chloe, the cat I attempted to adopt from Charissa, I made it unmistakable that she’s actually dead.

But, like Paul McCartney, Warwick Davis, Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Harrison Ford, Chloe the cat is alive and well at her original home. The video I made was so beautiful and somber that it seemed like one of those funeral montages, and so I presented it as such, and without any irony.

And then people started consoling me for my loss, so I thought I’d better set the record straight.

I did, however, tell my other cat Knives that Chloe is dead. They didn’t get along and I thought it might make her happy.

She’s alive. Back at Charissa’s house. Not dead.

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2 Responses to

  1. Yo-Rissa says:

    But her soul is forever scarred. She heard about your hoax and what you told Knives, and she is in a hole in the basement and she won’t come out. Not even for cat nip. The damage is done Tate. Learn your lesson “friend,” sometimes simple hoaxes can have big consequences.

  2. Mr. Chair says:

    Play her the video I made her!

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