Chloe, R.I.P.

I know it’s been a while since my last post. And I have an explanation. Things have been kind of rough around here at mrchair headquarters. We’ve had a loss. I mean, you always know that when you take in a troubled youth, anything can happen. It’s a risk you take. You want it to work out. Sometimes you get a Zahara. Sometimes you get a Maddox. And sometimes. Well, sometimes you get a Chloe.

So this is a tribute to Chloe. Or as she was sometimes known around here, “Stupidface,” or “The Mean One.” She wasn’t bad. She was so sweet in her own way. She tried to connect with us. She even became very fond of Jamie. But she held an inner-rage that the love of two new humans and a scrappy little tortoise-shell domestic couldn’t possibly quench.

And so, here’s a little something I put together for Chloe. In memory of the good times we shared. Not the stitches I had to get, or the chunk taken out of Knives’ left ear. Or even the DVD player she broke. The good times. She’s gone to a better place now. We loved you Chloe.

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  1. Gabe Shaddy-Farnsworth says:

    my condolences. chloe looks like she was a real cute kitty (albeit with a slight rage problem). it’s a dark time in kittyland. remember betty and marcos? well now it’s just marcos. betty disappeared a few weeks ago and hasn’t returned. i’m hoping she’s also in a better place right now. sigh.

  2. Yo-Rissa says:

    Um, Seriously?!?!?! Did you just make a photo montage of my cat set to George Michael?? Really? Ah…also, we need to talk. I heard nothing about stiches or broken DVD players! Do I, like, owe you money?

  3. Mr. Chair says:

    Ok, now I feel bad. I was trying to be funny, but to set the record straight:

    -Chloe isn’t dead. She just moved back in with Charissa. But the video turned out so beautiful that it seemed more appropriate if it were for a funeral memorial.
    -There were no stitches or DVD players broken.
    -Gabe, I’m sorry about Betty. Sometimes cats just go on a walkabout.

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