This could get nasty

I don’t blog about politics. I’m not part of the “blogosphere” or “online liberal punditry.” But I’m making a small exception.

I think once the bliss of the Obama nomination started to fade, the reality that, in fact, a black man is running for president in what is ultimately a very racist country started to set in. And it’s a little scary.

The day after the nomination I walked past an Onion newspaper box and saw what I thought was a new issue. But in fact, someone had gone through all of the current copies in the box and cut out a headline picture of Obama (in the Onion for god’s sake. It’s fake news!). But on a couple of copies there were angry notes written in Sharpie. “Obama Osama bin Laden Hussein! Only good for janitorial work!” was my favorite.

Then yesterday my father (a longtime Arizona Democrat, and occasional redneck) sent me a forward from his century-old father-in-law. I get a lot of forwards from my dad. Most of them are harmless wishes of love and caring, or silly if politically incorrect jokes. But this was a cartoon of Obama standing next to a sign saying White House, with the caption “Well I guess that’s going to have to change.” Then it went on to say that he’s a Muslim who refuses to say the pledge or salute the flag and that he was sworn in on the Koran.

This is from my father! I don’t know what’s happening in this topsy-turvy world. The next few months are going to be interesting.

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  1. JLC says:

    my favorite lately is the people who say he can’t choose clinton as a running mate because “it’s bad enough to have a black man on the ticket, but a woman, too? that’s too much.”

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