A good karma day

Today I did some shopping for things I want. First I went to Ross dress for less, with the intention of getting some pants, maybe some socks and underwear. Boy oh boy is there more to Ross than dress! I almost bought about 50 things, including picture frames, silverware, glassware, ties, slaps. But I did buy a little lamp (my apartment is kind of dark), and a mug with a picture of Tupac Shakur and his signature: “Peace, 2Pac.” The lamp I bought was sold separate from the shade, but the cashier didn’t charge me for the shade! Yes!

Then I went to the telephone store and bought a media card for the responsibility machine, so I can load music onto it. The clerk was multitasking, on hold with customer service and helping me, and it took a really long time. But I was patient and he gave me a discount!

Then I was walking home with an enormous Ross bag and it tore open without my knowing and my media card fell out into the street. But some people said, “Sir! Sir, oh sir! You dropped this!” And I took it back and threw away the ripped bag.

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