With great power update

So I’m fairly enamored with the new phone thingy.

Highs: The hands-down best thing about it is it’s aptitude for third-party software. As a Mac fanatic, you forget the advantages of flexibility. WIRED magazine’s recent cover was an Apple logo surrounded by barbed-wire. Charissa found my inferiority complex over not having an iPhone amusing. I was trying to explain the dichotomy: “See the cool thing about non-Apple is that you can use all kinds of gadgets and software, where with Apple you have to use Apple stuff. But the thing is, Apple stuff is always the best. By far. See what I mean?”

And so goes the Blackberry. I fuckin tricked it out. Everything but spinning rims. Gmail, Google Talk, AIM, mobile Facebook, my work email inbox, it automatically syncs up with my work iCal schedule. There’s an Apple syncing program that makes them more compatible. There are thousands of free ringtones you can download, not to mention a bunch of cool desktop themes. I like one that appears to be made of hardwood. But the coolest are two Apple mockups: one with the exact iPhone interface and one that mimics OSX Leopard.

You can just google ‘blackberry applications’ and dozens of links pop up. Open source, free. It’s amazing. I’m gonna get a media card so it can hold and exchange music and photos with my computer. And the Google Maps app is incredible. I like to ride the bus and watch the ‘my location dot’ move as we drive. Super lame, I know.

Lows: Still not an iPhone.

I’ve gotten used to the rollerball, but I fear I’m going to break it. That’s my biggest problem I think. I’m always afraid I’m going to break it.

It gets my work email, which took some getting used to. I had to learn to ignore it at times. Also, a lot of people I interact with are in Boston or Minneapolis. So when I’m sleeping I start getting work emails at 5 a.m. I made a sleepytime sound mode with pretty night sounds.

I’m still kind of embarrassed to take it out of my pocket.

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