Bad coding

In the book I’m reading, there’s a line by a computer programmer learning shiatsu massage,

“Everyone has a special place they store their tension, the same way everyone misspells the same words over and over.”

We really do thrash our way through the same missteps, like they’re built into our cells.

On a similar note, I have had the new experience of meeting a woman I like, and disregarding going out with her, because I can look down the line and predict exactly how it will end. I know the things I’m going to do to fuck it up, and I have a pretty good idea of the things about her that will become intolerable as time passes. And I’m a little ashamed to say that more often than before I find myself doubting that it’s worth a shot. That it’s surmountable. Is that a new talent or flaw?

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  1. Charissa says:

    I think it can be used to your advantage, but you have to be careful with it. Don’t let it close you off to good opportunities–even if they might not be immediatly obvious. I often have similar thoughts, and I think it’s just something you have to keep in check. So, this doesn’t really help…but you’re not ALONE Tate! haha.

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