My friend Mary had a dream last night that her entire immediate family was involved in a suicide pact. She told me this over instant message from our respective workplaces. It was her mom, her brother her and her uncle, I think. And they all made this suicide pact as this great family activity for everyone to take part in.

But Mary didn’t want to do it, so she confronted her mom, Floanne, who you should all add on Myspace, because she’s the greatest. Floanne said to Mary in her dream,
“Mary, this is something we were supposed to do as a family.”
“But Mom, I don’t want to die. I want to live!”
And Floanne said, “Okay honey, you just go to the Red Robin across the street and get some of those spicy fries you like.”

So Mary did and then she went back to the house and everyone was dead. Her mom and dad were both slumped over at their computer desks. And then she woke up and took solace in her boyfriend, who was playing violent computer games with headphones on. She told Floanne in real life later on, who thought it was hilarious. “Just call me Jim Jones.”

And I told Mary, that’s weird, because I had the exact opposite dream last night that my entire family was taking shelter together from a tornado. But it was equally banal as her dream. We were mostly shopping for stuff to eat with my mom beforehand, and we did a little clothes shopping at the mall too. And then during the tornado, it was scary, but also fun like a party.

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