This blog has been awfully wordy lately. I’ve been thinking a lot about this short film. When I was young I was watching late night public television, and this short animated film by Czech Jan Svankmajer came on. It blew my fucking mind. Scared the hell out of me to be honest.

I’ve been thinking a lot about it lately. There’s something about a major relocation that feels like building a man. Starting with an empty room. Piece by piece you clumsily put together something that resembles a life. I think I started to feel like a real person a week ago when I bought a shower curtain. You add on and add on, put things around you that you enjoy, that make you feel human and safe. It’s exciting, and fresh. I love this time. You’re rebuilding yourself from scratch.

Watching this film again, it’s just as eerie and terrifying to me as when I first saw it. Even the part with the clay penis (yes, there’s a little clay penis, settle down, we’re all adults here), which could be considered comic is really scary. That’s why it’s so powerful I think. It takes this surreal, slapstick look at a horrifying sensation and hits a little close to home. Darkness/Light/Darkness. That last frame. The look on the man’s face as he has nothing to do and nowhere to go, and the light’s about to go off…

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  1. C. Samuel says:

    Definitely terrifying. I’ve always been Claustrophobic.

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