The Arrival

I found the apartment fairly easily, but had to park illegally so I could sign my lease. My super met me at the door. “It’s funny when you’ve only talked to someone on the phone, and then you meet them, how they can look different than you imagined,” he said. “I pictured some young blond guy.” Ouch. Chris is a very easygoing landlord. We flipped through the lease, I signed a couple papers, he gave me keys and wham, done.

I drove the Uhaul to the liquor store across the street and bought a bottle of champagne. I desperately needed a drink and it seemed appropriate. Loaded my bed and Knives into the apartment and that was about all I had planned. But, as I would soon find out my neighborhood is very tight, virtually half of the people I know in town had just come out of a show at the Fillmore and were currently walking a block from my apartment.

They were on their way to Keith’s apartment between the show they were just at and another late night show, the Glitch Mob, which would be just a few blocks away at midnight. At that point in a night, after that long of a drive, it just seems stupid to go to sleep. I remember when I drove from Denver to St. Louis to meet up with Sara before we were dating. I think that was about 16 hours non-stop. We went to the local bar and closed it. I don’t know how it happens it just does. Adrenaline, I guess.

And so, I met up with Keith, Matt, Gavin, Amy, Dave and Cory, all hanging out at Keith’s place, I kid you not, three blocks from my new apartment. “Welcome to the Denver family. It’s a good place to be,” Keith said, with a quick toast. “I have no intention of leaving this town anytime in the near future.” After a couple of beers they talked me into going to this show, starting what has become my Denver routine of attending concerts I initially have no interest in. The show was at probably the douchiest venue in town, and it was full of douches. But what a great time. Drinks, dancing, sweat. And the Glitch Mob was fucking badass.

We loitered outside the club for a while, and met back up at Dave’s apartment, also about three blocks from my new place. I ended up staying up until I think 4 a.m., talking shit and drinking beer. I arrived in this city just six hours ago. What a great way to start up.

I stumbled back home to Knives, who was huddled in the corner. An empty apartment with nothing but a mattress, a bottle of champagne and a spooked cat. I collapsed into the bed and went into a long, hard, dreamless sleep. The sleep of arrival.

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