Off to Denver!

It’s official, I’m relocating to Denver in about three weeks. I took a new job I’m pretty excited about, and the change of scenery is very welcome. 
Will it be hard to leave Portland? Damn straight. Nobody leaves Portland voluntarily. This is what Travel & Leisure magazine called “an American Eden.” I don’t know if I’d go that far, but this place certainly has its moments. You could live here forever and never grow old or buy a car or drink bad coffee or beer, or ever wake up before ten. But like any beloved place you leave, it’s not going anywhere, and sometimes leaving an environment of comfort is the best thing you can do. I compare it to when I left Tucson. I could have never left that city, and been perfectly happy. But I would have missed out on all of the adventures and relationships that unfolded. And so goes the leaving of my home in the Northwest. Five years, she’s been great to me. 
And relocating is so much fun. It’s always kind of like when you first move out of Mom’s house, all over again. I’ve been sedentary now since Mr. Chair tour 05. And I really enjoy Denver and look forward to making a home there, following up my brief stint living with Cory. It would be so much fun if he was still there, but he’s in Paris or some place with his spy wife. Poor Nofax.
So, Chair readers, buckle up. We’ve got another adventure ahead. I’m here for another week, then I go to Boston to train, then back here for a week to prepare the move, then off to the Rockies. 
And if you have any of my books or DVDs or music, give it back to me. It belongs to ME. Mine. 

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  1. JLC says:

    do we still have your irish music? i don’t remember whether i gave it back.

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