Holiday Plans

We were having lunch the other day, and the topic of Christmas came up.
“What date is it?” Jeremy asked me.
“The twelfth.”
He got this horrified look in his face.
“Really?” He hadn’t decorated for Christmas or bought a tree. “I normally don’t do much for Christmas. When you have a kid, you kind of have to. But I forgot.”
“Do you guys have a tree yet Justin?” Dwayne asked. We didn’t realize it at the time, but Dwayne was drawing a comic strip about the conversation, and was prodding us for material.
“Why? Dwayne, I always feel like when you ask me for things, you want something from me. Like you have some agenda.”
“What about you Mitra?”
“I’ve never celebrated Christmas,” she said. “My parents are atheists. Once my mom felt bad about robbing us of Christmas, so we had a Solstice celebration. And we had a ‘Solstice Box,’ which was a cardboard box filled with presents, that had printouts about solstice history taped to it.”
“Are you serious?” 
“Yeah,” she said. “It was really awful.”
“What about you Tate,” Dwayne asked.
“No I don’t have a tree. We’re not going to get one. I do have one present. It’s under my desk.”
Dwayne later showed us the comic. 
“I knew it. You did have an agenda.”
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  1. f-gan says:

    Yep. I’m a Solistice boy myself. I think it’s either today or tomorrow.

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