Inactivity; freezing pt. 2

Things have been kind of slow lately. It’s that time of year when the choice of doing something or not doing something becomes skewed by the weather. It’s actually snowing right now in Portland, in some places. Nothing to stick mind you, just flurries. I guess that’s part of the beauty of the winter, though. Activity becomes less important. It’s perfectly acceptable to say, stay inside in the dark all weekend reading, listening to podcasts and watching the Max Headroom TV series on the internet. 
I did go out Friday, though, for the weekly shit show at the dive across the street. I had no money, but somehow I had drinks in front of me all night. It’s good to have friends who understand a drinking problem. I went to work to do payroll Saturday, and despite full intentions of going out to Jason’s birthday party at a bar in Southeast, I crashed hard. Sneezing, headache, couldn’t stay awake. So I read comic books, Italo Calvino, and watched rare TV on the internet all night.
At some point in the night it occurred to me that my house was freezing. This was very upsetting considering the saga we endured to have our gas turned on. There was a tragedy with our garage padlock, then New Girl fixed it and the gas guy came after days of backlogged appointments. And then for days it was heaven. Like the womb. 
But now the vents are pouring cold air again. Bed time was more like winter camping. 
Sunday was less a new day, and more an extension of Saturday. I cancelled book club. Made a big breakfast of eggs and homemade hashbrowns. More podcasts, reading and internet tv. I wrapped my feet in down blankets, but it wasn’t good enough. I had to bring a chair to the bathtub and let hot water pour over my feet until I felt pins and needles and then could feel them again. 
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