Tucson, Arizona

I slept in a tent I made over the couch in the background. This guy used to hang out at our house all the goddamn time. This video was filmed at the end of a party, and the victim threatened legal action. I love the noise he makes.

Kid Squid’s Mystery Jukebox is maybe the best radio show ever. Saturdays at 2.
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4 Responses to

  1. Catfish Vegas says:

    It’s passed 12,000 views on youtube! And don’t forget, that’s the dude who wrecked the next.

  2. Mr. Chair says:

    wait, you put that on youtube? when?

  3. Catfish Vegas says:

    Wheeler did, ages ago:

  4. Catfish Vegas says:

    and it’s supposed to be “nest” in the first comment.
    Arnie’s blogging again.

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