Book club mistake

I accidentally emailed a message about book club to my “Frequently Contacted” contact group on Gmail. This includes many of you, plus my aunt and some other random folks who are not in book club and do not live in Oregon.

The message said:

Subject: I mean Sunday

Sunday. Sunday at 2.

I got a handful of replies, fewer than I expected. Here are some of them:
  • Garrett, friend from Wildcat, now living in Seattle: Yo, what are you talking about? You going to be in town?”
  • Mike, college roommate: “What?”
  • Jerry, best friend, living in DC: “What happens Sunday at 2?”
  • Cory, eats with face: “What the hell are you talking about?”
  • Swedlund: “I’ll be there.”
I was so tempted to not explain the message to anyone, but I did and here were some of the replies:
  • My aunt Mary in Sacramento: “Rats, Ed and I will cancel our flight. What book out of curiosity?”
  • Jerry:  “Oh, I’m pretty sure I didn’t read the right book. Were we supposed to read Medstar II: Jedi Surgeon?” 
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