Fuck Harry Potter

That’s the unofficial name of my book club, which had its maiden meeting this afternoon. I’ve never had a book club before, but I’m looking forward to it. I think it will be a good tool to divert me from workaholism. I’ve been known to get addicted to workahol. It’s a modest club. Seven people. Only 75/100 pages a week. And a directive to keep the books not terribly heavy or lengthy. That, and to create an incentive to keep up and attend, I make Bloody Marys at every meeting.

The first meeting was a success in that it existed. There was no assignment yet. Just a chance to get a feel for everyone’s tastes and set up some ground rules. We brainstormed some books to read, chatted about James Joyce (The Dubliners is our first selection), and set up a rotation for who buys the vodka and V8. Again, I’m looking forward to it. I haven’t had a project in a while, and I’m in need of a good productive weekly routine endeavor.

And maybe I’ll even post some highlights from the week’s meeting! Then you can comment, and my book club will be live on the information superhighway. It will be huge, and I’ll be fucking famous!

This week’s assignment:

The Dubliners, by James Joyce
publ. 1914
Read the first seven stories, through “The Boarding House.” Report to the meeting with two (2) points for discussion.

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  1. stuarthwyman says:

    Hi, I’m Stuarthwyman,
    On sunday, i spoked with a consulent of a Bank, that live in Soho-NY.
    We spoked about 9/11, and he tells me that some victims was lounched on the Hudson Rivers, during the demolition of the TT.
    So, I ask you if is it possible to have some photo or documents or phont that say that.
    Today, I spoked with a stupid man, taht has a debunker-blog, and he tolds me that if I’ve not the proof about i cannot comment in this… or something like that!
    For me this particoular is not important, but for this idiot people that want explain to the world the reality, offcourse.
    I don’t like to instrumentalyse the died victims, i want to look for the courage of this men to do that.

  2. C. says:

    I think that’s shemin. Isn’t that one of his monikers, Catfish. It’s too strange to be legit. Hi, shemin. Anyhoo, I want to be in the book club, but I don’t want to read Dubliners. I think you guys should read “The Road,” by McCarthy, totally awesome, honestly. There is no reason to be hating on Potter, jerk. Although if you feel that this is an appopriate forum to dicuss plot flaws I’m all for it.

  3. Mr. Chair says:

    1. The Road is on our reading list, but the current book is the Dubliners. So if you want to play, you have to read the book.

    2. It’s my book club, and I’ll say whatever I want about Harry Potter.

    3. I don’t know how I could have missed the subtle comic brilliance of Andrew Shemin. I can’t wait until his next feature film hits theaters. He is not, however, invited to join Fuck Harry Potter.

  4. andrew says:

    That wasn’t me.

    Check out the guy’s hyperlink to his blog.

    A multimedia September 11th conspiracy site with 42 posts all in Italian is a bit elaborate of a prank. Even for me.

  5. andrew says:

    P.S. The book is called “Dubliners”

    And you are not, however, invited to see my movie.

  6. C. Samuel says:

    I’m not sure if this comment string is relevant anymore, but I just wanted to semi-publicly abologize for alleging that Shemin may have written the “stuartwyman” post. Although I must say its much funnier to read it with believing that Shemin did write it.

  7. andrew says:

    abology abbepted

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