What’s New?

I’m officially no longer couch-surfing, as my stay in Kaila’s house has been extended to January. So I moved a bunch of my things into the house. Including bed, stereo, comfy chair, books and bookshelves, TV and DVD player. It feels so good to have things.

My new place is in a great neighborhood in Northeast Portland. An incredible location, friendly neighbors and a coffeeshop/bar around the corner. Basically everything I didn’t have at the last house. It sure was a great house though. The new place is on the edge of the Laurelhurst neighborhood, a very old neighborhood with very old houses and very old streets. Laurelhurst has a black eye for being white-only when it was developed. Most neighborhoods were like that then though, if not in written rule. Still, it’s a very lillywhite area, very liberal and green, young and hip. Our apartment is the upper level of a large house, with a big deck overlooking the neighborhood. Downstairs neighbors often make music. Across the street neighbor plays guitar on his balcony.


I’m getting a cat from the humane society after I get my next paycheck. Kaila has a cat too. A neurotic rescue, who is getting to like me, but claws my arms in my sleep. I like Tenanu though. He’s got personality.


I’ve had this gross cough for about a week now. It keeps coming and going, but never completely gone. Always hacking stuff up and raspy.


The sky in Oregon has been stunning lately. Today the sunset was so bright and colorful that across the street neighbors were taking photos from the porch. I went to Mount Hood Sunday and spent most of the afternoon gaping up at the clouds. And at night, sitting on the deck, we just sit and watch the clouds fly by, glowing kind of purplish red.


It’s looking like Mary is going to leave me to go direct in Austin. She thinks I’m being sarcastic when I tell her, but I’m really going to miss her. Just weeks ago, we were planning to move in together. We were going to sit in our underwear on the couch all day and bitch about life. I bet she has a great time down there though. She bleached her hair blonde. She’s going to get so much ass.


I’m going to Phoenix this weekend for my grandmother’s 80th birthday party. Necessary is seeing aging grandmother celebrate landmark surrounded by loved ones. Happy is seeing Mom, sisters, other family. Pain in the ass is flying out Saturday morning and flying back Monday morning for work. Horrible is Phoenix in August.


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    Buy a Daily Star if you can find it…

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