Little Sister Weekend

Little Taylor came to visit me for five days last week. We had a very enjoyable time, including lots of video games, movies and metallic confetti showering from over our heads. Her first day in town I had to work, so she spent the day with Sara bumming around downtown. Taylor really likes Sara, and I’m glad she spent time with her. Our mom and her dad absolutely loathe each other, and are legally forbidden from being the same room, so I think it’s good for her to see Sara and I interacting civilly. I know Sara wanted to see her too.

We did the downtown thing Friday, watched Transformers and played vintage standup arcade games at Ground Kontrol. I had this great idea that I was going to have this brother/sister moment and take her to a grownup party to meet my friends. We always think we know what a teenager would like, but are often wrong. Instead we watched Spiderman 2 at the house and I went to the party later.

We did however attend the party of this surly man, Roland, who celebrated his 30th birthday in the most immature way imaginable: a drinking game marathon. I couldn’t pass on the guy’s 30th birthday (he sent out construction paper invitations) so I dragged Taylor along and we sat in the corner on lawn chairs and watched. It was a very family friendly drinking marathon, with dogs and babies. But Taylor was mostly bored and disinterested.

Roland is a great guy. He’s very sappy about comraderie and tradition and nostalgia. Hanging in his house are the things that are most important to him in life: a crucifix (a good Catholic), lots of St. Louis Cardinals memorabilia, and left-wing, anti-American revolutionary sentiments.

Not pictured is a concert at the Aladdin Theatre, The Polyphonic Spree, attended that night by me, Taylor and my friend Kim. I enjoy the music, but am hardly a fan. It was all ages and I’d heard good things about their shows, so we went. The Polyphonic Spree is a 24 piece choir and orchestra pop band that pretty much overloads your seratonin receptors for about two hours. Choruses that chant “love, love, love, love” and “Hey it’s the sun and it makes me smile,” make it altogether impossible to not smile. And their fans are superfans. It’s like watching a Christian rock show with all the spacey dancing and arms in the air and eyes closed. Creepy on the surface, but it feels so good if you just let it sink in. There were also cannons firing wads of foil confetti.

Pictured below is a hike that Taylor and I made Sunday to Punchbowl Falls in the Columbia Gorge. We picked bad footwear, but made it the fall regardless and waded around in the swimming holes for a while.

Mom told me she had a good time. It’s funny though, how it’s hard to tell. I also learned some things during her stay. She co-moderates a Stephen Colbert fansite with a girl from Denmark. I also learned the phrase, “She went mega-bitch.”

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