My Birthday

Okay, not really my birthday. My fake birthday. My real birthday, in current times and recent history, occurs when I’m in Santa Barbara, Calif., as I am annually in early May. But this year, I decided to celebrate early since I’d be flying out the day before the real day.

Me and Sara went to get some breakfast at Jam on Hawthorne, then drove out to Forest Park for to walk around for a while. Amazingly, I’d never been to Forest Park before, and it was not disappointing.

Lisa taught me a fun travel game during car rides where one person draws a cute little animal, and the other person tries to doodle scenarios to kill the animal. Then player one draws a combative picture to block the attack. This goes on until one person gives up, the page is full, or the creature is dead. We had a really good one going that included a pterodactyl carrying a magifying glass to incinerate a tiny beaver, and a tidal wave of scorpions, for example. Since then, I’ve rediscovered my love of doodling and Sara’s been enjoying the product. Here’s a little chicken I drew on her hand.

We hit the Matador, my favorite bar in Portland, then had a great dinner at the Farm, a local foods restaurant in Southeast. Finished off the night at Ground Kontrol, a classic video arcade/bar/metal club in Old Town. It is loud and flashy and very, very fun. We beat The Simpsons arcade game.

Throw an arcade in the roughest part of downtown, serve alcohol, and play screaming metal, punk and great DJs (Shankara Chase regulars there), and you might just get a little grafitti in the bathroom.

Dance! Dance! Revolution!

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  1. catfishvegas says:

    I hear you can buy coke in the Matador…

  2. catfishvegas says:

    I hear you can buy coke in the Matador…

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