Happy Easter

What a worthless holiday. Except for the whole son of God rising to atone for mankind’s sins. My favorite Easter in recent memory was spent at Tony’s Old Fashioned Tavern, reading the Rolling Stone after Hunter Thompson died and watching some tattooed lesbians make out at the booth next to me. Before that, man, it’s even hard to say. I probably got some really good chocolate once and was really happy. I remember enjoying watching my little sister eat about a pound of candy at around 10 a.m. and getting all stoned from chocolate.

Sara’s out of town in St. Louis visiting family and friends for a week. That means two things for me: Nobody to steal all of the covers, and the house is actually clean for a change. Totally kidding Sara. That’s complete sarcasm, you just can’t tell in text. It does, however, mean missing the girl a whole lot, celibacy, and a lot of DVDs on Netflix that have been lingering at the bottom of the list. So far I’ve watched an animated Iron Man movie and Snakes on a Plane. Both much like buffet food: Not very good, regrettable, but really enjoyable at the time. Coming up are Hellboy: The Animated Series and Underworld Evolution. Another trip to the buffet! The best is when you get there during lunch and stay long enough for the menu to change. Then you get shrimp and prime rib.

Swedlund flew out the day Sara left. He stayed with us for a week. A few days of which I had to spend in Santa Cruz for grandma’s funeral. We had a good time the rest of the week though. Highlights include playing taboo at Gabe and Krysta’s, a trainwreck of a night at Ladd’s that included Swede inadvertently making out with a married woman (say the word, and I’ll edit that out Swede), and a trip to Hood River and the Edgefield. We sang a lot of Karaoke. Drank a lot of whiskey. Jaebos made their triumphant return. That and so much copied music.

Tomorrow I’m going over to Michael’s house for a barbecue. Today I took a nap for two hours on the couch while the title screen of Iron Man played repeatedly. Sara often comments on movies based on the quality of their DVD title screen. She falls asleep during more than half of the movies she watches, so their intrusiveness into her slumber is really important to her. The worst is Collateral. Worst movie to fall asleep to, she says.

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