Decision time

It’s Super Bowl Sunday again, I guess. Sara’s working. I’m at home drinking beer and watching DVDs. There’s a couple of parties I could go to, and I probably will eventually. I just don’t like to watch football. A couple of years ago, I had to work Super Bowl Sunday, so the day before I rented like 4 movies, ordered a few pounds of chicken wings and invited friends over. In short, it was the best Super Bowl Party ever. We ate and ate and drank beer and watched movies. If you can just take away the game, it makes the whole affair so much better. I have enough DVDs to watch in this living room to never emerge for days. I have 8 beers. The problem is, I’m alone. This isn’t bad in itself, but as the sun goes down, and the pile of watched discs pile up, I’m gonna regret not having left the house. I know I am. Sunday is a great day, but it has potential to spiral into depression and anxiety if not nurtured well. You have to take care of Sunday and give it due respect. That’s why people have Sunday church, I think. They need a ritual to make sure the one day where there’s no work and no responsibility doesn’t turn into a day of rocking in bed with the curtains drawn. And Super Bowl Sunday is still just another Sunday. But when you make yourself walk out the door and interact with the world, minus a schedule or agenda, football is the undesired side effect.

It’s a potluck too, so I have to bring something. I don’t have anything made. I do have half a box of beer and half a box of Cheez-its, so that’s going to have to work.

Speaking of DVDs, I just watched “The Proposition,” a Western written by Nick Cave that takes place in the Australian outback. One of the best movies I’ve seen in a while. The photography of the landscape is incredible. Amazing scenes of violence coupled with massive despair and traces of redemption and beauty.

Just like my comic book collection.

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