All the Patagonia in the world

Portlanders see a winter storm once a year, tops. Many years not even that. When a big one happens, it always reminds me of the part in 12 Monkeys when the future New York City is abandoned, and wild animals are prowling around in the snow. You’d think the world about to end. This year, it was particularly bad because the forecast was completely wrong. The buses weren’t chained up when it hit, and the city had just redrawn every bus line for a 2-year construction project. Total chaos.

Still, after a two hour commute that included a failed attempt to drive (my hilly neighborhood was littered with the wreckage of ice- and snow-caused car crashes), a packed bus ride (our driver was literally making up his route as he went along and learned what roads were clear), and a hike across the Hawthorne bridge, I made it to work. I also made a little snowman.

After I got home, we went to our yard to play in the snow.

This car slid down our road, up on the sidewalk and came to a stop blocking our driveway.

This is where I abandoned my car and took to foot.

A truck had slid downhill on our street, narrowly crashing into the edge of the guardrail instead of pitching off the edge of the steep hill.

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  1. Eats With Face says:

    The video is funny!

  2. Eats With Face says:

    The video is funny!

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