Here are some pictures and amusing anecdotes to match:

Maryeddy’s birthday. A bunch of us went out a while back to celebrate. There was a large group dinner at this scenester restaurant called DougFir. Caroline, one of the guests, had to take out her fake tooth. Mary is going to be so happy that this is the story I took away from her birthday party. The tooth was knocked out a long time ago, and Caroline only reluctantly wears the falsie at her mother’s insistence. Which is a really funny and admirable trait in a person; that she prefers to have a missing tooth than not. She even has a trick where she can smile and make the tooth seemingly fall out by accident. It also makes it easy for people to find her, because they just have to ask for the chick with the fucked-up grill.

Same night, Michael’s cafe/bar/lecture hall opens in Northeast Portland. The Waypost looks incredible. Local beer and coffee with a full espresso bar. Art on the walls. Nightly music acts and lectures. Michael and Jason have elevated themselves to hero status in my eyes by opening their own businesses. Jason’s comic book store, Floating World, is what would happen if you took any other comic book store, and removed everything that sucks. Goddamnit I’m proud to call them friends. If I had the money, I would dump it into both endeavors.

Goddamn Art Day II: Where Michael and Pete invite all of their friends over, dump piles of art supplies in the front courtyard and tell everyone to go nuts. The result is a good party. Somebody stole Sara’s wallet with over 200 in it from her purse on the kitchen table. “I can’t believe something like this could happen on Goddamn Art Day,” she said as we went to sleep that night.

March Fourth, a crazy burlesque, firedancy, juggly marching band show from Portland, played at the Bite of Oregon. We went. It was good.

Earlier in the day, this gospel choir of Menonites gathered at Waterfront Park. The music was really pretty and people were gathering and applauding, until they started handing out free CDs. Soon people dispersed and left the CDs tossed in front of the choir, or in the garbage nearby. Probably because the name of the album, while catchy, CREEPED THEM THE FUCK OUT.

The previously mentioned Dahlia festival. Bunch of fucking Dahlias. Feel free to weigh in on Sara’s hot pink aviators.

The view from the Pittock Mansion atop Portland. This picture makes the city look more boring and my ass look bigger than they both really are.

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  1. catfishvegas says:

    I gotta get you a copy of this Dylan “Accidentally Like a Martyr” bootleg.

  2. catfishvegas says:

    I gotta get you a copy of this Dylan “Accidentally Like a Martyr” bootleg.

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