Flynne threw a drag party for her birthday a few weeks back. The near 100 percent cross-dressing compliance was astounding. God bless Portland. This was a great party. Here are some highlights:

I’m not too humble to say that I was the prettiest girl at the ball:

The competition (Nick and Woodhouse):

All women seem to think that dressing like a man means looking like an East LA vato, or Kevin Federline. Jess, Megan and Sara:

They try so hard to look masculine, despite tininess and boob-hugging undershirts. Michael in the background (with the see-through top) is one of the few who tried to dress ‘sexy.’ He looks like the most disappointing call girl ever:

Steven Garcia peeing in the corner … in a skirt:

Bit of a cuddle-orgy:

Blair could actually be a girl if you squint your eyes. He’s wearing a thong underneath that dress:

Gavin bypassed the whole drag element in favor of stripping down to his shorts:

Maryeddy and Danika’s dog Lucky. Maryeddy dresses in drag almost every day. Except at the drag party. I’m such a pretty girl:

Sara and Lucky:

In the middle of the evening, a wedding party released from the fancy restaurant next to Flynne’s house and merged briefly with our party. A surreal blend of formality and irreverence ensued:

This guy is a train-hopping hobo who canvassed in our office for a while. He’s a good canvasser, but a bit of a sketchball. He completely disappeared a few weeks before this party. This was his first reappearance, and I had to have a serious conversation with him, explaining that he probably could never work for us again … while wearing a skirt. This was one of three very serious conversations I had that night … while wearing a skirt. I still like the guy, and I love this picture of him.

Requisite kissy-face picture:

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