A weekend

We threw a party a couple of weeks ago for Mandela. He was going to the circus. It was a Mandela’s Going to the Circus Party. Nobody really knows if Mandela left yet, where he went, or what he’s doing. But his plan was to move to Vermont and join the circus. While he is like 8 feet tall, he wasn’t going to be an attraction, but a concessionaire. We had a cozy party in our house for the first time since it was furnished.

There’s the big friendly giant himself. He brought over some beats he had made on his computer keyboard. They sounded like they were done in a studio:

Michael and Flynne enjoy a conversation in the conversation nook:

Steven and some random girls on the balcony. This was the first party in which the gypsy porch was used to its true extent. We lit a bunch of candles and put out flowers. It was very nice.

Rikki and Jason read about Tom and Katie’s baby:

The spunky girl to the left is Sara’s best friend Gillian. God I’m watching this crappy movie Hostel. God damnit all it’s crappy. Anyway, Gillian hangs out at Sara’s bar all the time. It’s always Gillian this and Gillian that. But what’s not to love? She likes Richard Russo and Judd Apatow. The shifty character to the right is Carson. He’s just Carson.

Here’s Mandela, Gillian and I whooping it with some leftover fireworks:

Then there’s a bunch more drinking. Then some people go home, then there some sleep. Sleep, sleep sleep. More sleep, then we wake up. Then Blair and Jess and Kristin call and it’s pretty hot, so we decide to go to the Clackamas River to swim.

White monkeys drinking Brass Monkeys:

Pretty river:

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  1. catfishvegas says:

    Have you read Empire Falls?

  2. catfishvegas says:

    Have you read Empire Falls?

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