Valentine’s Day

We agreed not to celebrate Valentine’s Day, as per a mutual dislike. The result was a tiny room show with Will Sheff of Okkervil River, where we met up with Lauren and Michael, and some ex-work friends of Sara’s. It was the ideal non holiday holiday, with Sheff’s murder ballads and whiny, moany lostlove songs in a cramped smoky venue. I was toeing the line of a mean virus, and chain-smoking hipsters were pissing me off, especially after coming straight from work. I was a cranky little baby at times, but the show and the girl in a sexy-sexy outfit made it happy. Sheff played a lot from Black Sheep Boy, the band’s latest album, and songs from another band he’s in. Some of the songs, played with just acoustic guitar and his voice, worked better than on the album. Westfall, the closer, was particularly good.

This is a chalkboard with what looks like an image from I Heart Huckabees:

This guy is the often-naked regular at Matador, mentioned in the Super Bowl post. He’s a very friendly guy, and we got along well with him as he helped out the staff during the show. The owner of the Matador also owns the tiny Town Lounge, where Sheff played. I wish I could remember his name, because he’s so cool and always at the Matador when we’re there.



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