Rager at Viewpoint Terrace

Not quite a rager, but still. First house party we’ve thrown in the new house. And come to think, it was really the first party I’ve thrown period, probably since I left Tucson in 2001. Part of my hesitation with having a party in recent years, is the fear of committing to having people over and then having nobody show up. It’s so easy to throw a party when you’re in college. They almost happen on their own. I guess it was about time though. A good mix and number of people showed up throughout the night. Some canvassers, a few of Sara’s ex-coworkers and friends from North Portland. It probably peaked at about midnight with a brief surge of dancing, Mandela rapping and a field trip to the basement to see our ghosts and laundry machines. It was pretty grown up and tame, with a food spread and John DJing. Then as the crowd thinned out it got a little loopy. We burned some more of Sara’s work uniforms and an entire yellow pages in our front yard at around 4:30. Then Sara, John, Pete and I played a turntable game where we had to take two random records and play them on top of each other. I had a horrible hangover the next day. I slept almost the entire day.

Watching Mandela and Johnny Nixon mix it up:

An awful picture of me and a nice picture of Maryeddy, one of my new favorite people:

Checking out the ghosts in the basement:

Sara insists on burning things:

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