Super Bowl Weekend

Bit late I suppose, but anyway.

Saturday: Drove to Hood River, OR, by way of the Columbia Gorge. The sun has been shining strong for the first time in over a month. We had the wettest January in Portland’s last 36 years. The sky was clear, so we were able to see little waterfalls sprouting out from the opposite wall of the Gorge. I’m always blown away at the constant wet. The walls of the Gorge are ancient rock, but covered in about two-three inches of squishy green, constantly dripping from the spray of the watefalls feeding into the Columbia. Everything is soft in Oregon. Aside from some cackly bitches, the Multnomah Falls Lodge was pleasant for a coffee, beer and newspaper. I’d canvassed in Hood River a couple weeks ago, but meant to return for fun. Full Sail is now officially my favorite brewery. Talking to they guy in the tap room, I found out that it’s employee-owned and independent. Until the marketing/brewing genius that was the Session stubby bottle, they were losing money. Now they have the best-selling beer in Portland, a microbrew. They also had a contest beer on tap, an imperial stout soaked in bourbon barrels, for a smell, taste and tingle faintly of whiskey.

Sunday: We went to the Matador for customary Sunday Jager. It was pretty packed for the game, and a dude was lounging on top of the bar with his pants around his ankles and his balls resting right on the counter. It was surprising, but not all that out of character for Matador regulars. We asked the bartender, Debra, how long he’d been naked. “He promised me he’d keep his clothes on until halftime, but then he couldn’t because the Seahawks were going to score.” Sure enough, at the half, he went buck naked, wearing nothing but a Steelers football helmet. “What can I do, he’s bigger than me?” Debra added. This is the same bar where about a month ago, just a few feet away from our table, a big dude knocked a little dude off of his bar stool, punched him in the face hard three times, and then yelled at him about hitting women. Some more heated words were exchanged, and both of the men were able to stay in the bar and continue drinking.

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