I was talking on the phone with Jerry yesterday and he was updating me on his life in DC. Much of his life revolves around his dog, and by extension the dog park and those who frequent it. He was telling me about this dating website called “animal attraction,” and how he just had a date with someone he met there. I stopped him when it occured to me, “Wait, is this a dating website for people and their dogs?” He said, “No. It’s all animals.” Turns out you post all kinds of information about your pets, plus testimonials of what you imagine your pets think of you. In other business, his new ferret, which he calls Jordan even though I named him Newey, has an eating disorder. He’s so fat that he can’t get up the stairs.

Reading at Powell’s, this middle-aged man in activewear was standing in some bookshelves nearby, yelling at what sounded like his accountant or real estate agent. “No! No! Look, either you sell the beach house, or you don’t. I don’t care, but if you’re going to sell one of the houses you’d better be ready to show me what exactly what it is you’re claiming. I don’t care. Look for all I care you can keep the damn beach house! – – Oh, my behavior? What behavior is that? … Look …. no …. no … you listen to me! Mom! Mom! Listen to me Mom!”

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