Good day check in

Thought I’d try a quick midday blog, since I rarely do. Who knows, maybe the entire nature of my entry will change. So far, this one’s going well. I woke up a little earlier than usual so I could do some Christmas shopping. I went to Powell’s on the day before Christmas Eve. This is fucking idiotic. It was bonkers, but I had a pretty successful and short trip. The sprawling line moved so quickly that when I got to the front I was even moved to tell the cashier that they are doing a great job. Normally, book store service is pretty terrible, since all the employees have like doctoral degrees in women’s studies or philosophy or literature, and they’re generally agitated to be highly educated and making minmum wage. These folks were actually very chipper and speedy. She thanked me and checked me out. I said hi to Sara next door at her work. When I got to the car, I had a half hour left on the meter (at this point on Friday, Mandela came to the door and we had to go to work. Now I’ll finish it), so I offered it to a girl parking nearby. She already had some time on her sticker, so the favor became just a friendly offer. Then the clouds parted and a rainbow appeared. A unicorn ran by and I jumped up in the air and clicked my heels.

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