Photos: St. Louis by way of Akron, OH

Legacy Inn, just outside of Akron. This is the last time we’ve had a bed alone to ourselves in a long time. Thankfully, there were two of them.

Edwardsville, IL. This is at a bar called Cleo’s, where Sara’s friend Sarah frequents. We met her here our first night in town, and then a couple days later at around 3 p.m., when she and all of the other residents of the town were getting shitty, again. They love their booze in Southern Illinois. I said, “Goddamn, this town needs a hobby.” Sara said, “I don’t know, I think it already has one.”

Sara’s childhood friend Elsa had twins very recently. We spent lots of quality time with the babies. Lots. In nearly every picture of Sara and a baby, she’s kissing one on the forehead. It’s worth noting that Sara’s baby is always crying, and my baby is always happy. Elsa was talking about the at-the-time massive Powerball total, and how if she won, she’d have lots more babies. She’s like 24, has a 2-year-old and twins already. When she said she wanted to have even more, I almost spit my beer all over her twins.

Sara’s sister Amy and I get along very well, despite these pictures of apparent abuse. I have a great admiration for her deadpan sense of humor. Sara has a vicious sarcastic side, but Amy puts her sister to shame. Here’s a couple of witty exchanges between she and I.
Me: “Me and Sara are going to see the Chain of Rocks bridge.” Amy: “So.”
Me: “Bye Amy.” Amy, deadpan and monotone: “Bye, I love you.”
Me: “Did Sara tell you about this dessert we had last night?” Amy: “Sara doesn’t tell me about every stupid thing you guys do.”
And so on. Amy also has some great stories, one involving getting fired from a drycleaner for sleeping on the clothes. Another about having sex in an abandoned truck and then vomitting. Ah, good stuff.

This is Sara’s friend Kelly, who was in Denver with her when we first met. She’s very cool, and smart as a whip. I love Kelly, and not just for her wicked Robot skills.

Amy, Sara’s wild and crazy Sunday partying friend, and her boy toy Jeremy. Amy is lots of fun, and hilarious. She’s the one who woke us up one Sunday morning with to-go shots of Jager, and Bloody Marys. Jeremy and I had a bonding experience while Amy and Sara were at the bar. We watched Encino Man.

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