Regards to D.C.

It’s fitting that when we arrived here it was disgustingly hot and humid, and we’re leaving tomorrow after two solid days of cool rain. The nation’s capitol killed summer and started fall. Now it’s time to leave. Leaving a place is always tough. We were living here with Jerry for more than two months. Set up more of a home than I have any place since Tucson. I made some friends, a job, a routine. The last few days I spent wrapping up work stuff and going out with work friends. There was a small fire involved. Yesterday Sara and I went to the National Gallery and saw an exhibit of this 17th century Dutch painter who actually got me excited about still life. Last night we went out to Adams Morgan with a pack of people. Did some dancing. Drank some Jager-bombs. Today we cleaned the condo all day and watched the Spongebob movie. The three of us went to the Bungalow and did some Jager-bombs (god they’ve become part of my regular routine). We sat out on the porch in the post-rain cold, Hondo running around the parking lot like a jackass. Tomorrow we leave. Wow.

Let’s get this straight. I don’t like Washington D.C. all that much. Granted, it’s a lot better than the bland suburb of Phoenix I grew up in, or an awful wasteland like L.A., but it’s just not my kind of city. Service, and common courtesy in general are miserable. The weather sucks, especially in the summer. There are only a few really cool places to hang out, and there are 50 other cooler places in a city like New York. Traffic and drivers here are infuriating. Really, the whole place needs to lighten the fuck up. I think I mentioned in an early post about the city that it’s a serious place, where life is serious. The music scene is hard-core punk. The industry is politics. The fashion is suits and polos. The architecture is pillars, white block and row houses. D.C. is for work, Sara said. Work so we can play. Work on me. Work on us. Don’t get me wrong, I had a blast here, and I’ll get to that. But she’s right. It’s a serious place of serious seriousness. Political activism, marching on the Capitol, knocking on doors, saving money.

But now the fun stuff. Living with Jerry and his animals, working on Capitol Hill. Making sense of an intensely happy, totally unscripted relationship. I had a great existence here. I’m so glad to have had the opportunity to set up kind of a pet life. Halfway between a vacation and a livelihood.

So here are the regards: The historic Hawk and Dove bar on Capitol Hill was home to many a drunken night after canvassing. I’ll miss it. Sam, Mike, Rick and Danielle. I made some friends. I became a good canvasser here, started to take political activism beyond a way to make a living and do some good on the road. Jerry’s stupid animals – Spike, Hondo and Newey – will be missed … someday in the distant future. Our futon nest. Michael Franti and Spearhead. Late nights with whiskey and DVDS. Watching entire seasons of Freaks and Geeks and The OC for the second time. Coming home as Jerry was waking up to go to work, then arguing about whether it’s last night or this morning. Hanging out with Sam and venting our frustration with the non-profit world and whatever else. Sunrise on the Potomac. Shenandoah Valley, 60s folk, a blanket and a frisbee. The bathroom at Lucky Bar. Jerry’s Luau and the surrounding woods. Madam’s Organ. Adam’s Morgan Day. The way-too-frequented Bungalow and Capitol City Brewing Company. Shirlington in general. Crabcake sandwiches. Murky Coffee for all of that time to kill before hitting turf. Lunch with Grandma on the hill. The House of Klaus. Sundays and my perfected Bloody Marys. Jerry’s endless hospitality, which we endlessly forced from him. Thank you isn’t nearly enough, so instead we stole your garden gnome.

Made a pretty good home here for a couple months. Now I’m leaving. Going for some more city hopping and then back to the West. Where I’m much more at ease. Where I left a life behind, and my stuff. Oh my precious stuff. And I’m taking someone with me. Dragging her from the Midwest to start up a new life. Just in time for the rainy season. I’ll miss D.C. and I’ll miss Jerry and the condo and the little family we had here for a half a season, but I’m ready to get back West. Regards.

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  1. catfishvegas says:

    Welcome back.

  2. Eats With Face says:

    Shit, I miss D.C and I wasn’t even there. Those fucking ferrets…

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