California here we come

I spent the day watching the OC on DVD. Sometimes the best way to spend a Sunday is watching hours of a TV series, and the OC is perfect for today. I had a dream that we were going to spend the day watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which also would have been sweet, but there’s nothing wrong with spending the Sunday with the Cohens. Last night we went out for Jerry’s birthday to a couple of bars. I got a little loopy and possibly pissed off each and every one of Jerry’s DC friends. I didn’t mean to, and I wasn’t being malicious, it just happened. My favorite is when I made a terrible joke ridiculing the mentally retarded right in front of a guy whose aunt is retarded and is particularly sensitive about the issue. Whatever, it’s a joke.

The three of us recovered this morning with a breakfast of bagels, salmon and cream cheese, followed by my version of Jam on Hawthorne’s special, Ty’s Big Breakfast. An English muffin topped with veggie sausage, scrambled eggs with broccoli and feta, smothered in gravy and cheddar. Hangover my ass.

I haven’t blogged for a while, since I’ve been kind of busy. There is this rally thing Tuesday against drilling in the Arctic (10 years of drilling, six months of oil supply, the last 5 percent of the North Bank that isn’t open for development. That’s all I’m going to say). I had to work a few long days while we organized it. No fun. I’m getting more into this non-profit work, and I’m starting to think there may be more to this as my job than a way to make some money when traveling. It’s way early, but I might actually be stumbling into a career again. Still, I’m way into my leisure time to be spending 12 hours of a day working.

Speaking of. I canvassed a senator the other day. I also canvassed the Arctic lobbyist for the Sierra Club. Very cool. Sometimes DC is awesome. I was walking between houses on Capitol Hill and this woman walked up to me and said,

“Excuse me, did you just take a picture of my door?”
Oh fuck, I did. Like two hours ago. Sometimes on turf, as displayed on this blog, I take pictures.
“I don’t think so,” I said.
“Are you sure? My door has the word ‘bitch’ scratched into it,” she said.
“Oh yeah, I guess I did.”
She said she didn’t care and that she doesn’t think I’m the one who scratched it. I was very relieved, since having the cops called on me for vandalism, even if I didn’t do it, would be bad for business. Turned out she had no idea how it happened. I tried to sign her up, but she had been going through bad times. She did relief work after the tsunami, and caught hemoragic dengue fever. I guess that’s really bad.

Later that day, there was this kid riding two skateboards joined together with a big plank of plywood. He kept yelling out that it’s the world’s safest skateboard. I asked him about it and he said he was inventor and was going to sell it to the toy companies for thousands of dollars. He even had this little tool belt on. It was kind of neat, but I don’t think it could be called the world’s safest skateboard, since the underside had about 10 jagged nails sticking out the bottom where he attached the plank to the skateboards.

Sara and I are leaving DC in early October. It’s getting to this weird time when you have to wrap your head around leaving a place. Planning out how many groceries we’ll need. Trying to save money. Thinking about how it’s going to be strange to not live with Jerry. Next is the Northeast for a week or so, then back to Denver to stay with Face for a bit. After hitting Arches in Utah, then a pit stop in Arizona to see family and friends, it’s up the California coast to the sweet sweet Pacific Northwest. Just in time for 151 days of rain.

Big old mansion in the Mount Vernon area. Big. There were a bunch of them, like the one below right over the widest point in the Potomac.

This is an overpass above a road that, I think, leads to Adam’s Morgan and Georgetown. This is right in the middle of the city. Pretty cool.
This is a road to the neighborhood with all the mansions. This was pretty much canopied with thick trees.

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  1. catfishvegas says:

    I think the world’s safest skateboard is a better idea than a canoe…

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