Jerry’s Animals

Ain’t got much words. Pictures:

Hondo is eating my hand.

I really like this photo even though it cuts off the subject, a major no-no in photojournalism class, and it highlights Hondo’s ass.

Friday I tried my hardest to get Hondo drunk. It’s really hard to tell with dogs. I mean if a human shits and pisses himself, bites people and passes out on the floor, you know he was shitfaced. For a dog, it’s par for the course. Still, the next morning when I saw Hondo I looked at him and said, “Dude, you were so fucked up last night. Wasted bro.”

He’s pretty fun to play with.

Jerry and Hondo are gay for each other.

Jerry swears Hondo and Spike are just playing, but I think Hondo is just enjoying the ferret as a toy before he ultimately snaps his neck and eats him.

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