Here we go baseball, here we go

I don’t like sports. I don’t like baseball. But I do like going to baseball games, and the St. Louis Cardinals. They have a cool logo with a little cardinal sitting on a bat. Their stadium is named after Busch Beer. They aren’t the Cubs. And their former power-hitting superstar shamed the entire corrupt, money polluted sport. I went to see them play the Washington Nationals Saturday. I was really tired, but it was pretty fun. We got to heckle “Nats” fans, for rooting for the Montreal Expos in an old football stadium. I also took a strong side, since DC beat out Portland to get their baseball team, making the city look pretty stupid.

Sara, on the other hand, loves the Cardinals. When we got to the game, it was sold out. She was so sad, and sat on a curb pouting. “The only reason it’s sold out is because the Cardinals are so good. They’re in first place, you know.” Her friend Michaela bought three scalped tickets for $20 apiece. Face value: $7. Long lines and expensive beer in plastic bottles: priceless.

The highlight of the day was seeing this dead praying mantis on the street outside.

Very happy to be at the game. When we got tickets, she said something like, “My mood just went from ‘Rrr,’ to ‘Woohoo.'” My mood had gone from “Eh” to “Eh.”

Having fun at the ballpark. Here, I have no idea what the score is or who’s at bat.

Michaela is laughing at the guy in the background who looks like John Denver. “Do you think he’d give us a lift home in his plane?”

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2 Responses to

  1. Eats With Face says:

    That guy really really looks like John Denver.

  2. catfishvegas says:

    I wonder if that John Denver guy ever gets asked if he’s full of shit. Or maybe he is the real John Denver, who traded his real identity to his best impersonator and is now living out his old age at a rest home in East Texas and just felt like taking in a ballgame.

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