I’m trying to get back into the regular posting function of this blog. I was pretty sparse there for a while, and falling into the block of “This blog has to mean something.” Today was my last day on the Human Rights Campaign. I’m gonna miss it, if for no other reason that it was a really hip campaign. Yesterday before work I hung out in Dupont Circle, a gay part of town that is really the only cool chunk of DC I’ve witnessed. I went to the HRC store, a merchandise store that sells all HRC gear. Hats, short jogging shorts, ties (with a large = sign and a small = sign, depending on how fabulous you can be at work), rubber duckies, mugs, backpacks, briefcases, rings, necklaces, a dykey pasley-ish button down and a queer pin-striped button down. I gotta say, it was so fun. My office manager told me a couple days ago, that at the head HRC office, they find it fascinating that most of the canvassers for the cause are straight men. Except instead of fascinating, they probably said fabulous.

I was exhausted today. Sara and I had a rocky night, largely because I’m an insecure, petty man who likes to be overdramatic when he’s had a little gin. I said largely. I basically only canvassed for two hours and change, but did decent. I had a killer week, rounding out at about $1275 raised for the homos. Next week I start working for the Sierra Club. I like the Sierra Club, and wear the environmentalist hat a lot easier than the gay rights hat (which is a fabulous hat), but I think it’s going to be more difficult. People who love HRC, love HRC. People who love the Sierra Club take a lot of unfounded shit for causing wildfires. That and, while environmentalists are sometimes stinky and weird, the gays are always fabulous. Still, I love a campaign where I get to quote Jimmy Carter.

Tomorrow we go to watch the Washington Nationals play the St. Louis Cardinals. Sara’s giddy about it. She’s going to wear all Cardinals stuff, and said we were making signs. She also said she wants to get on TV. I hope she was kidding.

On the roommate front, Jerry leaves for Alaska tomorrow, where he and his dad are going to scatter his mother’s ashes. It’s a beautiful way to pay respect to the life of a woman who cared so much for Jerry, all of his friends, and so many other kids over the years as if we were all hers. She was an amazing person and a lot of people hold a special place in their hearts for her. I know if I spent an extended period of time alone in Alaska with my dad, I’d either kill him, he’d kill me, or we’d walk away closer and sharing more love for each other than we ever had before. I hope for their sakes, it’s the third. Meanwhile, Jerry’s getting friendly with a lady lately, which is always a good thing. If Jerry’s happy, the condo’s happy. If Jerry’s not happy, the condo doesn’t really know, cause he’s a pretty quiet dude.

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