Thank you note to Denver

A city wise beyond it’s years that remains welcoming, in spite of it’s fierce local pride. It’s the greatest big city of the West (not including the Pacific Northwest and Canada, of course). Denver has the most beautiful sky – always. And the skyline seen from the highways leading to town ain’t bad either. Willie wrote a song about it.

Thanks for Colfax the Miracle Cat … Colfax the street … Face’s condo, and endless hospitality. It always felt like home … Face’s sock drawer … a paycheck … 92.5, Denver’s Classic Soul, for getting me through those long car rides before canvassing … the beautiful bartender at The Thin Man … late nights talking shit on the porch … free laundry … conundrum hot springs, and its naked, frying hippies … a pack of new friends that tolerated me despite constantly taking offense … Rocky and Kermit … The Tattered Cover Bookstore … St. Mary’s Glacier … Bon and his harmonicas … Cheeseman Park, for giving me a home until Face got into town … Sam and a failed attempt at fishing … the Mexican food place in Buena Vista … Andrew Bird and Rufus Wainwright … free wireless … Benji, Nicole, Wajee and Sonny … The Nest 2.0 … St. Mark’s coffee shop … 90 Schilling … Volatus Exeo Lamentus … the South Platte … Chicken and his crampons … Fourth of July and early Fifth of July … happy hour Sushi at Fontana’s … that little window cooler that saved me on the mornings when the nest was too damn hot and bright … and Colfax the Miracle Cat.

Thanks Denver, and warmest regards. I’ll be back sooner than later.

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3 Responses to

  1. Eats With Face says:

    “Fater, ave atque vale” — Hail, brother, farewell. Anybody would do themselves a favor by having Mr. Chair stay with them. He brings laughter, sincerity and good advice. He’ll be missed.

    All the best,
    Face (also writing for Colfax and Pipey.)

  2. catfishvegas says:

    Ah Denver. Good to hear the Mile High City treated you well.
    I concur with the sooner rather than later vibe.

  3. Eats With Face says:

    Oh no! Scatfish has a digital stutter!

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