Off again

I’m packing up my apartment in Portland. I hate packing, but I love moving. What a predicament. The next few days I’ll be moving the bulk of my stuff into a storage unit in Vancouver, Wash. where it will stay for some time. On Saturday I’ll leave for Los Angeles with Casey to help her move in to her new home, where she’ll be working for the pictures. So everyone who has a screenplay or any vague interest in being in the movie business, this means you should call her and use her as your ticket to the big time! Then I’ll be off to Zion National Park in Utah, I presume. I don’t have a job secured yet, so I’ll stay in LA until I get that or another park lined up. I figure I wrote and read more in the 4 months I spent at a national park than I ever had in any comparable time, so I may as well give it another go. And Zion’s supposed to be amazing. Then it’s anybody’s guess. Maybe down to Flagstaff to see my lawyer friend, though I’m not too keen on going back to Arizona. Maybe over to Denver to see my soon-to-be-lawyer friend (what’s with you guys all wanting to be lawyers???). Maybe further. Never been back East much, haven’t been overseas in many years.

It kills me to leave Portland, but like Tucson and Flagstaff, it’s not going anywhere. I won’t be far from here for long though. It’s really become a home in the time I’ve lived here. I could stay my whole life if I had to. But I’m not going to shed any tears. I’ll see this city soon enough. After all, my stuff’s here.

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