Coffee don’t come for free

It can be upsetting when your timing just won’t work out. Like a week or so ago, I was at a coffee shop, and on my way home decided to stop and pick up beer. There’s a store right on the walk home, but they don’t take debit cards and I was out of cash. They have an ATM but it wouldn’t read my card. I kept walking toward my apartment and saw a Trader Joe’s with lights on and doors open. I walked in and a woman told me they were closed. So I kept walking, and got to Fred Meyer, but they had closed 20 minutes ago. I had to go to the ATM down the street and then walk all the way back to the convenience store where I started.

Then tonight I went out for coffee again. I didn’t want to dress so I went out in pajama pants, with just enough money for coffee. I went to the tiny shop on the corner near my apartment, and even though the Open sign was lit up, they were closed. So again I went to Fred Meyer, now knowing their hours from the other night. But while Fred Meyer was open, the coffee shop inside was closed. I had to walk back home, get in the car and drive all the way to Coffee Time.

And now, some comedians who aren’t funny anymore and need to be stopped:

Robin Williams

Dana Carvey

Mike Meyers

Marin Short

Whoopi Goldberg

Billy Crystal

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2 Responses to

  1. Chomberson says:

    how about . . .
    Chevy Chase
    Dan Ackroyd
    Steve Martin (Cheaper by the Dozen? Come on)

    I know there are 18 of them out there, I just can’t think of them all right now.

    P.S. I don’t think Whoopi Goldberg was ever considered funny.

  2. catfishvegas says:

    Chris Rock is on thin ice (hosting the fucking Oscars?!)

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