A bad start to the day

I left the apartment this morning to head to work, filled up my coffee in the building lobby and started walking. I only work a few blocks down the road from where I live. There’s this intersection I cross every day, where Burnside meets 21st Ave. It’s a pretty big intersection and there’s always some asshole running a yellow or just missing pedestrians. So it’s pretty remarkable that I survived a complete, face-first fall in the middle of Burnside, against a light that had just turned red. When I got to the light, it was just about to turn yellow. I started jogging across the street so I wouldn’t have to stand there and wait for another cycle. But something happened, I don’t know exactly what, and I tripped, literally flying forward and landing flat out horizontal on the asphalt, face down.

I was pretty stunned so I only partially heard the sound of brakes as oncoming traffic saw me fall right between them and a fresh green light. I got up and waved to the huge dumptruck or whatever it was, what I was trying to indicate I have no idea. This girl walked over to me with this horrified look. I told her I was fine and she said, “It’s a good thing that truck stopped.” I sort of realized how close I came to being flattened and said, “Yeah, really.” I mean I really could have died, but there was really nothing I had to say. There was nothing to do. I was just dazed. So I went to work, and washed the asphalt out my hands and jeans, and carried on with the day.

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  1. catfishvegas says:

    I spilled on my bike once when my front tire got caught in the trolley track. Over the handle bars I went, tumbling as behind me I heard the city bus breaks squeak to a stop. I was also on my way to work.

  2. jackrabbit says:

    Once, on my way to elementary or middle school, I ran my bike head-on into a parked car. It never moved. I went to school.
    This other time, when I was still in Chicago, I got hit by a car. He was making a left turn as I was crossing the intersection, and he hit me. He wasn’t going that fast, but I was definitely stunned but not hurt. The guy in the car just stared me down and drove off. To this day I wish I’d done something. All I had to do was pull the keys out of my pocket and I could have left him a nice long mark to remember me by. I just wasn’t that quick on my feet. Ha!
    Oh… and I’m glad Mr. Chair is not dead.

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