Happy Birthday Mr. Chair!

This is one sweet new blog. A happy belated birthday to my cyberself. Just more than one year ago, tired of job-hunting, I started sharing my life with the uncaring world of blogging. A little reflection… My have things changed. I’m living in an apartment in Portland, drinking beer, looking for a job and trying to decide if I’m going home for the holidays. Oh wait! Nothing has changed! But oh man, remember that week when readership surged after I posted a Howard Stern-related link? That was definitely a highlight. Or that great mrchair exclusive about the new TV? What a scoop! But seriously folks, here are some of the highlights from a year of starving in a bottomless pit. Then I’m going to watch The Simpsons.

Early musings

Job wanted

Temp 51

On selling out and hookers with penises

Liberal guilt

You can’t take away our gas

Hijacked from corporate America

Crashing a party that never was and won’t be

The Meisinger Effect

Happy Birthday to me

Guest blogger: Milhouse513

Mr. Chair is stumped

Hey baby, it’s the fourth of July

Life in a Dormant Volcano, p. 7: Ashland and the Unsinkable Molly Brown

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  1. Peter says:

    Happy Birthday and good luck job hunting. You might try dropping an app off at every retail store you can – you might find at least one that needs holiday help. Retail can be, uh, very rewarding. . . yeah. . .

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