Holy shit

So I leave tomorrow for Crater Lake, and I have to confess that I’m freaking out a little bit. It gets harder to do this kind of thing (by that I mean grossly irresponsible) the older you get. There was a day lag between when I quit ATT Wireless and sealed the deal with the lodge. That was a little uncomfortable. I mean, I had the offer, but my mind raced through all those freak worst case scenarios that would leave me with nothing.

But it didn’t happen, and I’m driving four hours tomorrow morning to check in, sign papers and get settled. I’m checking people in and out of campgrounds for work. “Guest Services,” I guess. I’m hoping I get to carry some sort of a weapon to protect the visitors from wild animals. Probably not though.

I’m bringing about 20 books, a laptop, a dozen or so CDs. I’ll have internet access so I can keep track of bills and blog from time to time. I want to try to scale back the Internet time, or I’ll just feel like a jackass. More than 90 miles of trails, dozens of campgrounds and unlimited back country camping with a permit.

All the input from friends was a big help. In the end, the people who said, flat out, take the lake job won over. Jason had probably the least hesitation. He put it in the context of regret, and really had no argument in favor of ATT, which meant something because he works there. He made the solid point that all I give up at ATT is a shot at benefits. And sitting in that office in August looking out the window and thinking about where I could have been? That’s bad.

So now I gotta get over to Powells and grab another book or two, then get packing. And the next time I post, it will be from a huge volcanic crater.

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