Millhouse513 minus action equals boring

Guest blogger Millhouse513 is killing me lately. The last few posts have been so dull. It is funny though, how he turns into Jim Anchower when he isn’t getting any play.

Later in the day I got somewhat frustrated. I was attempting to play some Zelda only to have Stephanie snuggling up to Wes in the background and Wes playing ‘backseat driver’ by informing me of every little thing I was and was not doing. Finally I said ‘fuck it’, saved the game and went to get ready to leave–I had to go see Kirby after all. I think I gave him the impression that I was mad… I *did* happen to quit the game while standing right outside the boss’ door. Nah, couldn’t be…

I wonder if he has any idea how much of a following he has.

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