Corporate America, Part ?

Another good one. Apparently some people have been discussing things of discomfort at work.

Apparently, there are several people who are confused as to what is and is

not appropriate conversation in the work place.

You are all adults. You should know not to use any language or discuss any

topics that could offend someone. This includes swearing, cussing, cursing,

derogatory remarks, politics, religion, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity,

or anything that could make another employee feel harassed in any way.

There are certain current events going on in the world that are deeply

sensitive to some people. Please refrain from discussing these topics at

your desks.

I understand that some of you do not have that much work experience behind

you, but I am truly appalled at the reports that I am receiving about some

of the conversations and comments that are being made in the work place.

Both AppleOne and ATTWS have strict policies about sexual harassment and

professionalism in the work place. If you have any doubt in your mind about

something that you are about to say – DON’T SAY IT.

Anyone reported to have violated this policy will be given a warning. If I

hear of a second violation, you will be terminated immediately.

I was in a small training class when I got this message, and started laughing about how sterile we all have to be at work. Then I realized other people thought it was funny that some people just don’t get what’s appropriate and what isn’t. Thankfully, I was able to vent later with Jason, who said if he can’t talk about war at work, then he shouldn’t have to listen to talk about American Idol, which is truly offensive.

And remember the golden rule: “If you have any doubt in your mind about something you are about to say – DON’T SAY IT.”

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